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Professional Knoxville plumbing services throughout Knoxville, Maryville TN and surrounding area! From basic plumbing needs to emergency call outs, leaky basements, leaky toilets and sinks and so much more. We provide reliable and affordable plumbing services for your residential or commercial property.

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We offer a wide spectrum of plumbing services such as drain cleaning, water heaters, water treatment, bathroom plumbing, commercial plumbing, sewer services, water leaks and so much more. Our central focus is on ensuring you are thrilled with the final product – whether you are building a new home, updating an existing or fixing a problem. 

Our professionals put their plumbing expertise and experience to manage the overall health of your plumbing needs. With properly equipped personnel, we have you covered to get the job done right. To get started, you may request a quote today to get your Knoxville plumbing service project started. 

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The safety and appearance of your property is of utmost importance as is the quality of your Knoxville Plumbing services we provide. It’s very easy to take running water and perfect working drains for granted. But then that moment arrives where you need quick and high quality service done by a licensed Knoxville Plumber.

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Finding a licensed professional plumber can be a daunting task for many people. Google searches, online reviews and white pages can take a long time to go through. Online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt as well. Knowing what to ask a plumbing company before you hire them can be the difference between a water soaked nightmare and a professional high quality job.

What To Ask A Plumber

Are you licensed and up-to-date?

This is something not a lot of potential clients ask for. There are a lot of people and companies that are either not up to date on their license or not even licensed at all. Don’t hire a person or company if they lack the proper license to perform plumbing services. Some major consequences are the work may not be to local code and you will also be liable for any deficiencies that will arise. 

Who is performing the work?

Licensing won’t matter if the person you are getting a quote from isn’t the one performing the services. Whoever you are getting the price quote from, ask them, is he/she performing the work and if no, who is? If it is someone else, ask if that person(s) is licensed and experienced to do the work properly. If you are unable to get a straight answer, drop that company and look for another reputable plumbing company. 

What is the total cost?

This is important as sometimes other fees can come up during the job. Ask if this is a flat charge service or hourly. Get a detailed list of all parts that will be needed and double check their cost with local department stores. Most of the time whenever another part is needed not in the original cost estimate, you will be footing the bill, so be sure to double check prices and get at least 3 quotes from different plumbers. 

Do you offer a work guarantee?

You should ask your plumber if they offer a guarantee for their work. Confident plumbers will offer some sort of guarantee for their services in case anything goes wrong, they will come back to correct it. Plumbers that do not offer any type of guarantee should be avoided. 


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